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Apr 24, 2022

bahiya omar-of US

MY Name Is Bahiya OMar I currently live in a shelter/Hotel Address is 144-36 153rd lane

Ive live in a shelter for about a one year an a half . I currently Just Graduated from ACI. AN STRIVE. SO i Had got An Applcation from my Shelter for an apartment Management company Called WAVECREST. I Had fill out the Application About 2Weeks Ago So I been Asking my Housing Specialist did she send in my Application . Her Name Is Mrs A, Jackson she told me Yes the application was turned in So i figured to wait another 2 weeks to find out the Status of my Application . An when i asked about the application it was told to me that its been handed in. So since ive been lied to so many times in the whole Shelter experience, this time i decided to Call The WAVECREST Mangement Company Myself . So when i called an asked A Lady Name SINCERE what was the statues of my Application she told me that i wasnt on the waiting list nor do i have a application there at the property. So i kindly asked to double check because maybe she probably over looked it ,So when she came back to the phone she told me she doesnt have any name sort of Name so i asked her can she please hold on while i get the Case Manager that i had whos name is Mr. Randell As i call for Mr Randell to come to the phone an speak the Mrs Sincere

He came to the Hallway an said Ms Omar who i am , At this time he is yelling at me Telling me to Hang up the phone Immediately, So i ask him why cant u just speak to mrs. Sincere on the phone he told me No, an just asking me to Hang up . so i ask him why should hang up on her . He told me he would explain to me if i got off the phone . so i hung up the phone ,when i hung up the the phone he told me that i was over stepping my Boundaries An im not suppose to call the company , He also mentioned that by making that phone call could get some one fired an i couldve messed the opportunity for the rest of the shelter, An the person that accepts the application was a Man . an Mrs Sincere is a women. when i ask for that man name he told me thats none of my business. i need Help from someone of a higher power because this is not professional an Its really seem like a scam . Pls call me [protected] or Email me At [protected]@gmail.com