76 - Employee made a threat

Feb 15, 2022

Dahlia Perry-of US

Store#5686 United Pacific 1401 Munras Ave Monterey, Ca 93940

On 2/15/22 at 4:19pm went to get gas at #3

Heavy set older lady working with glasses did not get her name, she seemed frustrated by front doors not locking, and with the customers. Miscommunication about amount of payment. I told her $20 and she rung up as $30, became very irate and argumentative with me. Locked the front doors on me so I couldn't get my change. Another employee opened the door named Freddie who claims he was a Assistant manager. He did not nothing to deescalate the situation just stood there and watched the lady point her finger in my face, curse at me and I responded back. She also threatened to go to her car and get her taser so she can tase me. this was all said in front of your Assistant Manager, I also contacted Monterey police about the incident. I hope your store has cameras so you can see what type of people you hire at your store and how customers are treated. I wish I had my cell phone to record how she was talking to me!