ABC News - CarShield and American Auto Shield

Mar 28, 2022

Arthur Edwards-of US

Dear Sir, on December of 2021, I enrolled my 2017 Chev. Silverado (Vin 3GPCREC6HG479562) in the CarShield vehicle coverage program. I enrolled in the diamond program that covers the vehicle from bumper to bumper. The contract no. for this legal agreement was MRF3953342. After I paid the initial fee, my monthly installment for this contract was $129 per month which was an automatic draft to my bank account. The mileage that should have been on the contract was 63889 but the mileage that was printed on the contract was 68889. I called in several times in 2021 to try to get this mileage error corrected before March 2022 but I had no success. I was informed twice that the mileage error would be corrected but the correction action was never implemented because the mileage error remained unchanged. On March 24, 2022, I took my 2017 Chev. Silverado truck to one of CarShield’s approved automotive repair shops ( Christain Brothers Automotive, 8431 Homeward Way, New Territory in Sugar Land, Texas 77479/ phone [protected]) for repairs to my ac system. The problem was diagnosed to be a condenser failure which is a common system failure for Chev. 2017 Silverado trucks. The vehicle mileage was 66170 and American Auto Shield refused to immediately approve payment for repairs on the vehicle because of the mileage discrepancy. The initial mileage on the contract was 68889 and the mileage on my vehicle was 66170. This should have been an easy fix because how can a vehicle that has been driven have less mileage than the initial contract mileage? This clearly indicated that the contract had the wrong mileage from the beginning of the contract. I was requested to fax and/or email the most current maintenance documents that I had for the Chev. Silverado Truck. I faxed and emailed (i.e. [protected]/[protected] five times the stipulated documents per his request to American Auto Shield (Mr. Evans Manuvas) and each time I checked on the status of this claim (# 1321224) I was told that the documents were not received or they had not been uploaded to the system for review or the system was down for an upgrade. Today is March 28 and I have not received an answer to my claim. I called today (March 28, 2022) and talked with an agent at American Auto Shield [protected]) and she told me that the documents are still under evaluation and I need to call back tomorrow March 29, 2022, sometime ( no definite time given) in the afternoon to get an answer to my claim. I was also told that American Auto Shield would not give me a call to inform me if the repairs had been approved or denied but they will call the repair company to provide that information (Christian Brothers Automotive). Therefore, if I wanted to know the status of the claim, I would have to call them again with the claim number or contract number. I am shocked and discombobulated over this entire fiasco with CarShield because I expected better service with a diamond plan. Whatever, assistance that you can give me on this issue, it will be tremendously appreciated.

Dissatisfied Customer,

Arthur Edwards

4123 Autumn Ridge Dr.

Sugar Land, Texas 77479

Phone: [protected]