ABC News - Direct TV (AT&T)termination fee when we didn't have a contract to cancel

Apr 07, 2022

Anne Croshere-of US

We are being billed for a Termination fee of a contract to which we never agreed.

Two DTV/Premises Technicians named Arthur Adams and Ron came to service our equipment and stated that we were eligible for an upgrade to Genie for no cost. He explained the system to us and said that since we had been customers for 25 years…..let me state that again…25 years!….we could have this system at no change to our plan or charge to us.

I called and spoke with a service person who asked if we had a protection plan and that there would be a cost. I explained what we had been told and we did not have a protection plan. She put me on hold and came back and said that since we were such long time loyal customers, they would do this for us. I emphatically queried her ….at no cost to us, with no change in our plan. I have been extremely careful to insure there are no hidden costs in future dealings with DirectTV as we have been billed for equipment we didn't have.

As our costs have continued to rise, we’ve decided to go a different way with our TV reception. Upon calling to cancel our service, we were informed that we had agreed to extending our contract with a termination fee. We’ve been billed $200 for the termination of a contract which we did not agree. Had the service person stipulated this as a condition of the upgrade, or the installer informed us of this extension, we would not have accepted the upgrade.

The supervisor that we spoke with 2/14/22 stated that he would make sure that in the future installers must inform customers that the installation of new equipment would automatically extend contracts. We were not given this consideration; we were NEVER told of this extension. This statement by the supervisor acknowledges that we were never informed of the extension and the termination fee. We wrote a letter of complaint on 2/15/2022 to the address they gave us but never received a response.