Absolute Software - Absolute Home & Office

Mar 25, 2022

Charlie Buerger-of US

My computer was stolen late last year along with quite a bit of other things from my hotel room. A police report was filed immediately and I activated the absolute home and office software guarantee to try to track down the individuals.

Months ensued without any information whatsoever until finally at the end I was told that my computer had not connected with the servers of the company for a period of 90 days previous to the theft and that they would not honor their service guarantee. It was like being robbed twice.

I try to find out exactly when the last time that my computer had contacted their servers and could not be given a definitive date beyond a year prior which is impossible as they said they map of where my computer was last seen was on the street of a friends house that I had gone to not long before.

In any event they fail to track and fight by computer and they failed to honor their guarantee to reimburse me for their failure of service which is a marketing enticement so they were paid to do literally nothing more than play with technology that benefited no one except their merry little hearts.

A very simple solution for these brilliant people would be automated SMS messages and emails sent to clients when X. Of days has passed and I system is not connected to their servers, correction not their servers but whoever servers and services that they are contracted with. At least then in the event that these extraneous companies that are not a corporation we are contracting ourselves with we would be able to raise an alarm and possibly let corporate know that you have a problem with your people fix it.

I will not be a repeat customer. Everyone in business and personal wife both close those just acquaintances and even those who are strangers will not be a repeat customer if they are currently a customer I will ensure they find a new service. I will be the virus spreads the message of your impotence.

I can do nothing about the faceless robbers that the police cannot catch but I can do some thing about the absolute software corporation and their hidden lies and stipulations and then abilities to perform. I can make big things happen, a little small insignificant man like me. I have plenty of time but I don’t need much