Access Wireless - Access Wireless not responding to me

Feb 16, 2022

Ilura McVey-of US

I just signed an online application for Access Wireless last Tuesday, and 1. it should have taken 3 business days, so I should have received a response by last Friday, and 2. The website says I have been pre-approved and will receive an email with next steps and I received no such email(yes, I checked my Spam folder). I sent several messages regarding application status and the email, but got no response from them. I keep checking the live chat but they are NEVER online. I've been on hold with them for 2 FLIPPING HOURS and no response, I'm not surprised if service is this bad. I've been patient because this service seems better than Assurance with better phones but I AM DONE BEING PATIENT. What is it with all you free phone services? Please respond to my messages!