Accurate Engines - Failed Product

Apr 11, 2022

Rob H Michigan-of Midland, US

Accurate Engines sold me a non-functioning engine on 2 February 2022 represented as professionally rebuilt engine. The engine may not have even been a rebuilt unit but rather a core deposit with major internal damage. There have been mistakes and confusion of the administration of this sale from the very beginning as this was intended to be a customer provided engine rebuild, but due to the incompetence and administrative failures of a number of their employees, this was ultimately handled as a replacement out of stock that has resulted in great confusion on their part, and serious extra costs on my part. (i.e. missing internal parts we had to buy and install, and the replacement of the crankshaft.) Their staff even scheduled a truck to pickup an engine from us that it had already previously picked up.

The engine that was shipped to us was professionally installed by qualified and experienced automotive repair professionals and in accordance with the terms and conditions expressed in the Accurate Engines warranty. This engine lasted for three miles of use when the timing failed, and this engine is now damaged beyond normal repair due to failure of internal parts and or workmanship.

These failures are fully and wholly the responsibility of Accurate Engines. We cannot do any further repairs on this engine as that will void the warranty, however it seems clear at this point that Accurate Engines does not now, nor has ever had any intention of making good on its promise to provide warranty service for the engines it sells.