Ace Rent A Car - RLW No.LASAP-165015

Apr 18, 2022

Susan Mauer-of US

The agent at Ace rental Las Vegas was very DISHONEST in telling us when we picked up our vehicle.

He tried to sell me a upgrade to a larger vehicle and to buy RLW insurance.

I said no to both. He told me because if I had my own car insurance with my

credit card co., I still had to buy RLW at a fee of $20,( NOT PER DAY) I mentioned to my husband that it was a small amount we are ok. Because I have always renting a car and never had to deal with RLW, the agent do not mention it was $20.00/day. I wouldn't buy RLW for $20/day when I paid for my car with price line and I am not willing to pay the extra money for the RLW

The agent rushed us with all initialing on the computer, he stood there and scrolled the form so fast and did not give us time to read the questions.

Ace charged on my credit car $668.44 and sent me a credit of only $312.16.

I prepaid price line for the rental of $417.74

The only extra charges that I agreed upon was for the gas.?

When I left Las Vegas, he didn't give me a receipt for the gas, at that time if

he would of presented me with my bill, I would of realized that he did not deduct the RLW and the charges were incorrect and I would of went back to

agent and told him he said $20 and he charged us per day.?

Hoping to hear from you soon. I've been renting cars forever and I never

had to deal with this kind of problem.