/ Daniel Kern - Wrong shipment, ask me to pay twice customs fees for their own mistake.

Mar 02, 2022

Katianothappy-of Sannois, FR

I'm used to buy on the website. Never had a problem until my last order. The company send the wrong product... I live in France. As luck would have it, I pay for the most expensive product (the bottle of 16 oz) and they send me the cheapest (8.oz)... I pay a high price for less product, and I paid the custom fees, 9 euros, something normal.

Anyway I had to contact the customer service for them to fix THEIR mistakes, and talking about custom fees. Ysabela thinks that it is totally normal for a customer to pay twice the tax fees, while if the company send the right product, I would have paid once. So now Ysabela wants to send the right product, but I have to pay my custom taxes twice for a mistake that the company did. She proposed me to give me credits on the website, but I am not okay with that option since I won't be ordering. I want them to pay them directly, as others company do in the US or refund me the money. But keeping the money on your website through a credit option push me to consume products I don't want for the moment. You can't force someone to buy you things whereas the fault is yours. So basically I will loose 9 euros for a mistake they did, I am not the one who messed up with the shipments. Your mistake, you should take in consideration the customer who is wronged in this story. Now Ysabela's strategy is to ignore me (since the 23rd no news from whereas the dispute is not settled).

Really poor customer service with Ysabela, this is the last time I am ordering products. I really hate poor customer service, and people who are greedy. I am the one who is wronged, I paid full price, so I respected the terms of the contract, but still you want to minimize your losses as much as possible.

Good tips for you, don't mess up with the shipments, and you won't lose money.

I am still waiting for my refund, I am not paying twice taxes lol.