Adam4Adam - A4A account usage

Jan 12, 2022

jburgusa-of US

This is more a question of how to effectively use A4A as a legitimate user than a complaint.
Since being a member of A4A I am inundated by communications from users who seem to be close to me (in the USA) but end up being Russian or from some other Baltic nation far far away once you initiate conversation and find out more. They start off as very innocuous and innocent conversation, but it does become clear that they are gathering information to assess your wealth or location.
Unfortunately, I have fallen pray to the words from one of these profiles that led to us exchanging emails and establishing a relationship outside of A4A.
This is definitely on me, and I have realized my mistake and take full ownership of letting this go to far.
The individual has since emailed me continuously with promises of affection and a desire to come to the United States to "visit" me if I can just send him money and help him get here. Thankfully I have not done so, and have been skeptical of his motivations and true intent which is to solicit money. I am safe, and while he continues to email me, I am well aware of his ruse.
What is disheartening however, is that the original profile (now gone) indicated being close to me, and being verified and legitimate.
Since this event, I have run into so many more profiles that seem to fit this description, that I can no longer trust what profile is real and what profile is fake anymore.
I am inclined to discontinue my membership and resort to Grindr, who somehow seems to manage keeping the fake profiles at bay a whole lot better. (though they are not non-existent for sure).
I am disappointed by this as the A4A platform offers a lot in terms of getting to know someone, and is fun and easy to use. But it is filled with questionable profiles that cannot be verified or turn out not to be real. I every case it ends up being some far away international person (real or not) that has other motivations.