Add People / Add Media Group - Denying mismanagement of my account and not allowing me to terminate contract

Mar 29, 2022

Stam1000-of Vancouer, CA

I feel this company must not be doing so well financially because they are desperately trying to seek every dollar out of their clients who are primarily small business owners. 6 months ago, they convinced me that the company I hired to manage my google ads were doing poorly and that if I switched to Add People, they can do better. I switched over in October 2021 so that they can have time to set-up their campaigns and be ready for the busiest time of the year - Black Friday! Unfortunately, their promises were too good to be true. My ROAS dropped from 8x to 3x even though they had the advantage of the best selling period of the year. At one point in February, my ROAS was as low as 1x. When I asked them why such poor performance, my account manager admitted to me that they probably made too many changes to my campaigns at the same time causing the slowdown in conversions. She proceeded to reverse all the changes in the hopes of reviving my account. When I asked her what the strategy was going forward, she said that they will "keep trying different things". With the lack of a sound strategy and the mismanagement of my campaigns, I requested to cancel my contract before my 6 months was up. They claimed that there was no evidence that my account was "mismanaged" and therefore, they will still be charging me for the remaining 2 months even though I am no longer using them. I am sharing this because this company is one of the most unethical companies I have ever worked with. Unfortunately, I do not have in writing what my account manager shared with me and therefore, I could not prove that she admitted to me that the account was mismanaged.