Advanced Payment Solutions - Fraud

Apr 02, 2022

Jane Esther Smith-of Brodick, GB

I was defrauded yesterday by a man claiming to be a member of Santander's fraud investigations team. He took over 20,000 pounds from my bank requesting that i transfer money to named accounts with your company (sort code 08-71-99). I have reported the matter to my bank, and also the police. He called first around 1600 and re-called repeatedly. I can provide the names of the alleged account holders: Ife Akinade, Maunde Balde, Reanna Joseph, Parvez Pathan, Kerry Padden, Oliver Nash, Mauro Santo, Kimberley Puwai, Tarique Jones, Sanaa Bhana, Joshua Hancock, and Bradley Pullen. i suspect none of these accounts was genuine; your company has however been used as a vehicle for a serious crime. I therefore require the payments to be refunded.