AdvantageCare Plus - Service

Dec 29, 2021

Sheila Fleming-of SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, United States

I have been a member of Hip/Advantage Care for over 35 years.

I am currently at the ValleStream office on Long Island NY. My husband who is extremely sick is currently sitting on the floor along side my daughter waiting to be seen. We were informed no chairs are provided for urgent care. We informed we should wait in our car until called. I informed staff that we took a car service. He said oh well that's the rule. How disappointing and disheartening it is to be sick and have to sit on the floor
Is this how you care for your patients
My daughter was extremely upset to see her dad in pain and watch him sitting on the floor

This treatment is uncivilized and degrading

Please ensure patients are treated with respect and dignity

Thank you
Sheila Fleming