Affordable Spa Covers - Spa cover/ costumer service

May 03, 2022

Brian Layland-of US

Ordered a spa cover in November 2021 and the shipping time was 12 to 16 weeks. I waited till the 16 weeks was up and never heard anything. Contacted the company and was told it would be done in July. I had asked as to why I wasn't notified and they told me they are short staffed. I called back as if I was ordering as a new costumer and was told I would get my spa cover in 12 to 16 weeks, but if I paid the extra for express shipping I would get it sooner. I then told them I had ordered a spa cover in November and why and I being told July if I ordered one now it would be sooner. The answer I got well maybe I will get it sooner than July. Come May I called to check my order status because my cover is starting to hold water and I was told my cover wouldn't be ready until September. I then decided it was best to cancel my order and take my chances that if I order somewhere else I would get it sooner or atleast I would get one before this awful communication of a company did.