AIM Realty Management - Unprofessional/Rude Rental Service

Mar 31, 2022

Fi Thor-of US

This Company called: AIM Realty Management is a the most unprofessional rental services in the history in the greater chicago land.

I was living in small apartment building that previously own by Mom & Pop owners, and as soon as AIM Realty Management took offer, all is break loose.

The unprofessional and the laziness of their staff is very "inspiring" I have no words to describe, from unwilling to help their tenants, to refusing to communicate directly with their tenants is so speechless.

On my departure (not extending my lease with them), they make their tenants to pay all the cleaning cost in advance, must using all professional cleaning services and the receipts must be given to them to proved that we as the tenant "met" their requirement to leave the apt unit sparkly cleaned but they still able to take our security deposit if our professional cleaning services still not meet their "requirement".

When I called their leasing agent in-charge to setting up an appointment for the walk through, their leasing agent lady hung-up the phone in the middle of conversation, she doesn't care that you were still talking tried to explaining something to her, then when you tried to text her she don't like that you text her, so she typed: "Stop" It was imaginely unacceptable, but I guess for them is the "Culture" of the AIM Management company.

I sent her all the emails that showing I can stay till April 30th 2022 and already paid for the whole month but requesting for walk through on 04/08/22 but she doesn't want to listening to you because perhaps, her and the whole company thinks their tenants are just bunch of peasants who produce good paycheck for their income.

If I were you, definitely avoid renting from all AIM Management, they are rude, unprofessional, lazy, and very disrespectful to you.