Airport Bus Express - Full bus. Denied access.

Apr 16, 2022

Rocío G-of US

I bought a ticket from Stratford to Stansted airport in advance. I was at the bus stop at least 20 minutes prior to departure. When de bus arrived, they told me (and at least 10 other customers) it was already full and I couldn’t get in. I asked how it was possible, how could they sell more seats than the bus has. Both the driver and the assistant kept excusing themselves and repeating that there was no solution, that the bus was full.

I find it extremely grave that they sell more seats than they have and you have to wait for the next bus (therefore leaving other customers within that time slot behind too). When you arrange a lift to the airport you need to be on time, it is not like being late to a dinner. You are requested to be on time at the bus stop, and the same should apply to your bus (with available seats).