Al Ahli Hospital - Pharmacy

Jan 22, 2022

Abraham1966-of Doha, QA

The unjustified waiting time in AlAhli Hospital pharmacy is big question mark. I previously filed a few complaint however, I neither received an update or closure to my complaints. On the 22nd.JAN.22, an hour sitting in the pharmacy waiting for my medications. I approached one of the pharmacists to inform him that I've already received an sms notification that my insurance company approved the medications awhile ago yet, he claimed they're waiting for an internal approval which's a total nonsense.
After waiting for more time, I went to the pharmacy registration desk which's adjacent to the pharmacists desk to understand why am I put in this situation and where is the error that lead to an hour waiting (while my medical consultation took 15min) without an explanation. The registration personnel claimed that my medications were ready and on shelves and it's with the pharmacist sometime ago.
I'm not pointing fingers as they're all part of the pharmacy system hence, all are to blame. What made the situation more suspicious is that there was a small number of patients waiting for the medications.