Al Madina Hypermarket - Delivery Service

Jan 11, 2022

fawzanm-of US

Date : 11 - Jan - 2022
Branch : Al Wasl Oasis II (Muhaisnah Four)

I made an order for a bread, ketchup and fresh prawns. It was 90 minutes and I didn't get the order. I asked them again and they said the deliver person has already left. 30 minutes alter, I tried to contact them again as I didn't get the item delivered. So I decided the go to the shop myself. I saw that the items were waiting to be delivered in the counter and I asked them why they lied about it. They had no answer. They also had fresh prawn out of freezer for the whole time.

This is not the first time. They have done this before as well. No matter how many time we complaint they show the same behavior.