Al Zahra Hospital Dubai - PCR test

Dec 30, 2021

Client 1990-of Washington DC, United States

I came to use your PCR Drive thru 10 HOUR GUARANTEED service. I called ahead of time to confirm that 10 hours was possible. I arrived and waiting in line for 2 hours to get the test. I called at 15 hours (2.5 hours before my flight) to ask where my results were urgently and was told they weren't ready. I managed to change my flight to a later one by 2 hours to give them slightly more time incurring additional transportation costs on my end. 2 hour later I still have no results. The first person I spoke to is no longer on shift in the lab and only sent the one request. The second person hasn't been able to reach anyone to flag the results as of urgent. The level of customer care or concern for what the lab guaranteed multiple times as 10 hours has been horrific not to mention the level of false security communicated by guaranteed per advertisement and per the staff at the drive-thru.

I have had 93 PCR test at this point over the pandemic -- and I have NEVER faced such an unprofessional and misrepresented service.