Alder Holdings - Ongoing Harassment for Bogus Service Against Non-Customer

Dec 23, 2021

Manita-of Barstow, California, United States

Since June 2021 Alder has been harassing me with billing for services I've never have had, and equipment disconnect, equipment I've never had! I have a record of 65 calls in my Voice Email Box, some days I get two calls; texting; emails and regular email notices and using all of my three phone numbers, even after I block Alder. Just today they send me an email by billing with a disconnect message by Alder Billing Department eMail [protected] by Hallie Shepherd, Billing Specialist [protected] x 496 and cell phone number [protected]. I called but was not available. I called Alder and a supervisor Zack answered, but he insisted I give him my information. Of course, I don't know how they got all my personal information. Alder is located at 450 N 1500 W, Orem, UT 84057. And the CEO is Adam Shanz. I've reported them to the attorney general in Utah and to the Better Business Bureau. They lie about everything about me. I don't know how they have my information, but I've never become their customer nor ever had their equipment! I called the Orem Police Department and they said to call my police department. My Police Department says to just block them; I have blocked all my 3 phone numbers, but they still contact me.
When I tell them I'm not their customer they insist on my information! I have given my information and never will! My next move will be a lawsuit. They do have several lawsuits from several states. I've complained to the Attorney General and BBB but has not helped.