Alder Holdings - Security System & false representation

Nov 18, 2021

Anne0426 — AIKEN, USA

They young man came by selling the security system. I stated to him we are renting the property & he needed a statement from our landlord. He returned to our home a few days later showing my 72 year old mother a document that he stated "he got this from our landlord." My mother signed the documentation & gave him the bank information on the account we share. After returning home, I called Alder numerous times asking to speak with the salesman. I spoke with my landlord and he stated that he "never authorized anything." I made attempts to call and speak with someone. During the time the security system was supposed to be hooked up and working. Our cars were broken into 3 times. When I finally spoke to someone I asked where can I send their equipment? They said they could't take the equipment back. Not until a salesman came to our house, I was able to give him the equipment. I recently received a call that they were going to put it on my credit. How is this company allowed to put blemishes on my credit when they didn't have authorization to place their equipment inside our home? We were even charged a fee by the landlord because they youngman drilled quarter size holes in the walls!!! HELP!!!