- Missing Parcel

Feb 15, 2022

DominicD-of Stoke-on-Trent, GB

I was away with work and noticed while I was away my parcel was being delivered, I assumed it would be left with a neighbour at best or taken to a royal mail depot... How wrong was I!

Contacted all beauty and spoke to Eleanor who eventually opened an 'investigation' which RM and advised 2-5 days. After 6 days I thought I'll contact them as I'm out of pocket and have no items to then be met by a reply from Brad who is a 'Senior Administrator' that RM advised the item was delivered

So I literally waited 6 days to be told it was delivered which the tracking already stated... No card, no safe place to leave the item... I live on a main road, anything could of happened to the parcel. The only place out of sight would be my bins which I checked as the first place. I asked Brad for the complaints procedure and he didn't even acknowledge it in his reply which speaks leaps and bounds to be honest

I suffer alot with my mental health and this whole thing has made me sick to my stomach since it began and allbeauty couldn't care less