- Parcel got missing/ terrible customer service administrator

Feb 26, 2022

MichaelGerard-of Redhill, GB

I ordered 3 perfume sets from allbeauty that costs £125 in total. Royalmail was the courier to deliver the items on the 17th of September. On that day, it has been said that the item has been delivered but it’s nowhere to be found. I have not agreed to deliver it to a safe or neighbour since someone is at home to receive the parcel. During that day, there was also a delivery from other seller thru royalmail which we have received. I contacted royalmail and was told that they will investigate. Contacted allbeauty and Eleanor, who was apparently the customer service administrator said they will investigate and will feedbaxk after 2-5 days. I have waited but no feedbaxk until I emailed yesterday. She told me that they couldn’t help further as royalmail confirmed that it has been delivered and tracked. I tried to explain to her thru email that it hasn’t been received and I checked everywhere, still she doesn’t want to assist further. Lucy one of the customer service agent replied to my email and said that I just need to send a letter of denial of receipt but this Eleanor said that even if I will send a denial of receipt letter, they will not able to help. We’re not going anywhere as she is so hard and cold hearted human being! It so frustrating and disappointing that your money will just go to waste!