Allied Schools - Complaints from Teachers

Nov 28, 2021

A1122 — USA

There are some complaints from Allied school teachers. The principal attitude is fine but coordinator behavior with teachers is not good. Teachers are subjected to mental pressure. Yesterday Coordinator scolded a teacher so much that she fainted. There is no cooperation with teachers..
If teachers arrive five minutes late, half leave is given. Teachers are not paid for the first fifteen days while its their hard earned money. Teachers work at school from 8.00 am to 2.30 pm and are not asked for any refreshment. The salary would be only ten thousand. We would rent and eat something ourselves. We are paid very little for our hard work.
The team which visit the school take opinion from the teachers separately on paper. But if their names are not revealed then everyone will tell the truth. Otherwise, everyone will remain silent due to pressure. And make sure that the teachers are not mistreated because of this complaint.