Alternative Airlines - Alternative Airlines & Refund Protect

Feb 10, 2022

cheyenne williams-of US

I booked a ticket thru Alternative Airlines in Oct thru Afterpay so as not having to come out of so much money at once. It has been paid off WITH the protection totaling $738.20. The wedding I was attending was forced to be cancelled due to new COIVD restrictions, I initially submitted an application for a refund b/c why am I going to the Bahamas by myself if the wedding isnt happening? They declined it saying they do not refund for COVID reasons. About a week later I got news that my many attempts at IVF were successful and I am now pregnant. My doctor does not want me to travel due to being so high risk. I basically had to BEG to get the application back open to submit my reasoning and evidence. Once they finally did it was immediately declined b/c they dont cover COVID. I went back and forth with different people at 11pm-3am CST for about 3 weeks straight explaining that this is a NEW pregnancy complication that should be covered. I submitted my doctors note and invoice as requested. Alternative Airlines should be ashamed of even using this company. When I reached out to them they said they could do nothing. I have submitted a dispute with my bank and hopefully it goes through but I'm not sure how it will work since I went through Afterpay to Alternative Airlines and then Refund Protect