Alternative Airlines - Deceptive /false advertising

Dec 13, 2021

Wicksp-of Portland, Oregon, United States

​I booked a flight through alternative airlines for Febuary 20th, 2022, booking #

My reservation was advertised as including a carry on item. According to volaris, the carry on luggage was not included in my booking. I am only allowed a personal item, and must pay $57 separately for a carry on bag. I booked on the flight through alternative airlines on afterpay for $267.35. The airline, Volaris, shows the ticket only costs $207.97. With such a large discrepancy in price, I feel like this is an error.
On 12/12/2021, I contacted alternative airlines for a solution.
On 12/13/2021, I received a response from senior customer service representative Pollyann, which is pasted below.

"Good evening,

Thank you for your reply.

Please be advised, the carry on item is a personal item. At time of booking you were given the option to add additional luggage, such as a carry on or checked baggage and this was not selected at time of booking.

Please note, you booked through us due to the payment methods available, there are agency fees involved in this from us and the payment provider you selected. You have not been scammed as you have a live reservation which you have been able to verify on the airline's website."

Due to this I have to pay out of pocket directly to the airline Volaris for a carryon.
Airlines have 3 distinct types of luggage, (personal item, carryon, checked bag) all of which are distinguished by size. By claiming the carryon is actually a person item, is a very misleading and deceptive tactic. Had I known this was how alternative airlines does business, I would have booked through different this point I beleive alternative airlines should reimburse me $57 by check, for the money I had to pay out of pocket for a carryon item due to their deceptive wording and advertising.
Thank you for taking the time to help me resolve this matter.

Patricia Wicks