Alure Home Improvements - Kitchen/ Bath Remodel

Mar 03, 2022


We spent $50K on the remodel for our small Coop apt. Nothing but problems with the bathroom. Shower had to be re caulked multiple times because their installers put caulking over grout, incompetent. The final issue is we noticed a leak in our tiny bathroom vanity when a rust puddle appeared on the floor. I immediately called Alure and sched the technician to come out and fix the caulking issue (3rd time) and the leak. Upon completion Alure called me to state they would not replace the vanity because the damage was from 6 months of it leaking. What [censored] living in a coop, above another unit, risk a flood/damaging leak to possibly go to the unit below? However, that is exactly what they insuated , we lived with the leak for months to squeeze a tiny vanity out of them. The funny part is that I have constantly called them to fix issues related to the shoddy work, but with a leak I decided to wait. If it was not for their shoddy work the sink would have not leaked, damaging the vanity, but somehow that is our fault. Talk about greedy!