Amartex Industries - Amartex Cashier Complaint - Sanjauli Branch

Mar 07, 2022

Dinesh Chauhan-of US

Today i.e 07th Mar, 2022, I have purchased some items of Rs. 170/- as per the enclosed bill from Amartex Sanjauli Store.

But the cashier present at that time not gave bill to customer billed before me. He is billing in a one compile bill sheet and telling the bill amount to customer.

When I said that I required bill then he asked me that if I need then you can get the bill.

I want to ask from the Amartex company that Is it optional for the customer to take bill or its mandatory to give bill to customer ?

2ndly when I just enquired that there is any problem in software/machine that you are not giving bill then he said that are you software engineer?

Is it the way to talk to customer if any body ask question from cashier ?

Then I asked him to provide me the store incharge number then he said that he was the store incharge. Then I asked to provide me some higher authority number then he provide me number [protected].

Then I called on that number . That number belongs to real store incharge number as per the communication with him.

Then I provide him details about all the incident related to bill and the behaviour that amartex employees shown to clients .

He assured me to take a needful action. But I doubt that any action will be taken.

Now I request to kindly do the needful to enquire the matter thoroughly with the cctvs present at counter so that needful action can be taken against that employee .

Bill details

Inv no - [protected]

Date - [protected]:23:26


Dinesh Chauhan