Amedisys - Home hralth care nursing

Jan 01, 2022

Duchevreu-of Palm Bay, United States

The director terminated my son's in home nursing services, without informing me as his legal guardian. Now he is in the hospital in pain and lays there crying.
On December 13, 2021, my son was discharged from Amedisys Home Health Care Agency. The say that it was due to the unsafe work environment that he created by his sexual remarks towards the nurses. We were there and we heard what he said, which was "can I spank your hinny", . The man is bedridden, has ALwith frontal lobe dementia. He cannot use his arms or legs. They are paralyzed. They did not come to change his Foley catheter. It became plugged, full of sediment and my son was in a lot of pain. So, I brought him to the hospital with a UTI minus a catheter that had to be removed. He developed an irregular heartbeat which necessitated his admission Now he lys there, crying his eyes out because he misses his home. : a person paralyzed needing total care sepated from the people who lovingly provide it. How awful: just because they cut me out of the loop.
What would they say to this man if they saw him? What would you say if that was your son?