Amedisys - Service and end of life care

Jan 25, 2022

Sad Dsughters-of US

Hospice came into home and one member of the family locked rest of family off of any information or communication
My parents are 93 and do not remember what they did five minutes ago - how can this hospice group be a part of this when they are suppose to be working together with family for end of life care .
We have strangers that my parents do not know or never met before coming into house when they are alone. I call my dad and is is so confused . Some nurses and aides or social workers come at eight in morning / parents are sleeping . Why is this hospice group so sneaky? What is being done or happening, no one tells us .
Mom was on one hospice group but brother changed to this one because he personally knew nurse -
I did stop by house and this is what I saw - medicine next to where my dad is - when mom complains about her back hurting he gives he pills