Ameren - Amren Electric Bills

Mar 12, 2022

Travis Bonnett-of US

I'm trying to figure out how a trailer that hasn't ran it's heat in over a month due to already ridiculous bills has a 250$ bill. I'm legit freezing to death just so I don't have to pay these ridiculous bills but behold another 250$ electric bill when we literally run 1 tv and 1 computer maybe 12 hours a day, tops. We know what peak times are to wash clothes and we also unplug anything that is not being used in our trailer on top of not running our heat and somehow, we still have a 250$ electric bill. I have lived in 4 different states in a lot bigger homes and have never had to pay over 180$ for electric. For some reason Illinois loves to screw over their citizens and make an already outrageously taxed state overpay on utilities. But here is the kicker. The company can't be blamed for this because unlike most electric companies they don't actually supply you your electric. You have to pay extra to a supplier to have electricity in the year 2022. So, on top of having to go through a middleman to get a basic utility but you have to call two different companies to get any answers to why your bill is so ridiculously expensive. Amren electric is literally no different than any other electric company so I'm not sure what we are paying extra for? I mean does your electric have plutonium coursing through its current. Is this the premium of all electric because out of the 5 years I have lived here it doesn't seem to special to me. In fact, I would call it subpar at best.