American Access Casualty Company - fail to pay claim [protected] $7000

Apr 16, 2022

Billy Hamilton-of US

On 12/24/2022 at approximately 130am, my vehicle was parked in a parking on preston and belt line road in the city of dallas texas. I was at 14902 preston road which is in the same parking lot.

At approximately 145am, a hispanic male was traveling east on belt line road and lost control of his vehicle which was a red acura txlp temp plate - 34518g1, the vehicle struck 3 vehicles that were parked in the parking lot. One of those vehicles was my 2007 lexus with damage over $5000 and the police was notified. The male stated he lost control and struck all the vehicle on scene, the male who was later id as jaime mandujano gave me a copy of his insurance card - policy number 42au000780750, his mother rosa mirian castro was came to the accident scene alone with dallas police department - case [protected],

i filed a claim with american access and was provided claim number [protected] with erika solo. I informed her in december that i was down to one car and my damages were looked at by their claims adjuster, my damage was to my front and total over $7000,

i made calls to erika soto at [protected] which she blocked my number and i received a letter on january 18. 2022 that the investigation into the accident was not complete. Months pass not more letters were mailed. I called erika soto over and over with voice mail after voice mail of course no reply.

On april 5, 2022 i spoke with soto, she stated that jaime mandujano and rose castro fail to discuss what happen at the accident scene so she dropped my claim. I need them to pay me for damages to my vehicle,