American Access Casualty Company - claim #2204294844

May 16, 2022

SumaiaSulaiman-of BEAUMONT TEXAS, US

My name is Sumaia Sulaiman I soke with Maria Varona on the above policy claim #2204294844 regarding this accident I have been patiently she ask me for pictures I waited a call from her she has the police report on 04/25/2022 for a crash occurred on this date , she agree to call me for fixing my cars she never called .I left 2 messages in her voice mail recently she avoided to my calls. these the information the police report in Beaumont Texas case number 2022007950 your customer policy number 42AU000380575 by insured name Garcia ,Rigoberto, his Car information black ford Taurus , his address 7720 Lawrence drive Beaumont Texas 77708

My information my phone #4097904118

Office phone #4097678833 my car information black Toyota Corolla ... I will be waiting for a call from your company to fix my car I have been without a car since the accident next step I go to the court.