American Bath Factory - Quality of Product

Apr 09, 2022

CATKAT Thomas285cc-of US

Purchased a Walk-in Shower enclosure from them. Website looked fabulous, but don't be fooled. On my order alone was a late delivery, when it did arrive arrived damaged. Having to wait for replacement product, my installer had to move on to next job, rescheduling us later. Thankfully the installer opened to find the damage. Product arrives approximately 10 days later. Installer schedules us for 2 weeks out, as he has to finish another job in progress.

Installer finally gets to our bathroom removing existing fixtures. We left the house during install due to noise and dust. Get home to see the "BURNT OAK" portion of enclosure is more like BLEACHED DRIFTWOOD. Call ABF, and sent pictures. Takes them several days to reply with a FUTURE DISCOUNT CODE on next purchase, without addressing issue reported. I give them 48 Hours and no reply on financial compensation for poor quality control of INSTALLED product. Product also comes from Mexico. Company name should be Mexican Bath Factory.

Why would we want to purchase another product from them, when the first purchase is defective.?