American Disposal Services - Constant Harassment

Mar 18, 2022

Wallace Aultman-of US

This company has bribed local officials and maintains a monopoly.

This company REGULARLY misses pickups of our trash.

This company is universally despised in the community.

This company disallows any feedback.

This company REGULARLY sells client information.

This company will start a campaign of harassment via AUTOMATED calls if anyone complains about their so called service.

One payment missed due to a change in my credit card information, corrected promptly has resulted in calls every Friday after 4:30 PM, like clockwork, even though my balance is zero, in six years I was late once. ONCE, and I still have not heard the end of it. When I call them they tell me it is all taken care of but the calls keep coming at the worst time, at a time when I cannot even speak to them. Not that I intend to, instead I am calling my State Representatives and my county office of compliance.

I intend to contact ALL of my neighbors and get this company booted from my neighborhood, finally.