American Eagle Airlines - Early departure

Apr 27, 2022

Valeria Holliday-of Columbia, US

American Eagle customer service agent closed out flight 5121 early in 4/27/22. One of the two female agents working the flight was not visible at podium 3 because she was slouched over her cell phone. I went to gate 6 looking for assistance because I did not see anyone at gate 3. I was directed to gate 3 and I approached the female agent she said the was closed and she could not open it. Had she not been on her cellphone and standing upright at her assigned podium I would have made the flight and she still would have closed the door 10mins prior. Commuting AA employees do not want to inconvenience any agent or fellow employee; however in a rush to end their respective duties an agent can inconvenience a traveler non-revenue and revenue.