American Garden Appliances - Bartender switched cards for payment

May 15, 2022

Sarah1627-of Fort worth, US

The bartenders on the night of may 14th we’re very rude and disrespectful. When ordering the first one didn’t want to take order and didn’t want to give me what I asked for which was a grey goose vodka with cranberry. He said he had grey goose but gave me Tito’s . Drink was not very good. Then he proceeded to mix up my card to pay with another guests. Then when I tried to tell him he ignored me so I had to ask the other bartender. I explained to him that the cards were switched and paid for the wrong ticket. He ignored what I said and told me that he just has to void the payment on the other card then it would void mine off. Then he charged the other guests card for my ticket again. So twice they charged the other guests card for my order. They were very rude and did not want to listen to what I had to say. I’ve never had a problem here before but these two guys should not be bartenders and definitely should not work in customer service. I felt they did not want us there since we walked in . And the place wasn’t even busy.