American Telephone - Customer Service

Jan 15, 2022

Rose Kasper-of US

I was a proud retiree who pays almost $500 in services per month. I am a stockholder with 40, 000 shares. I was told I cannot escalate my complaints because I am a retiree. I was on the phone being told my service and money is no longer appreciated.
1) I have service that is out frequently sometimes for weeks. I was the first in my subd to have DSL and Uverse-probably for over 20 yrs. This last year it was so bad. Repair has a record. Finally in first week of Dec I told them to condition my land line pair and use it on tv/internet. Fiber is nearly here. We were going to replace it with VOIP. This worked. VOIP after I gave it more thought was going to overburden that one pair so I cancelled the VOIP.
2) It is now July 14 and I can't get them to stop billing. Service shows cancelled, the pair is disconnected but the bill goes on. I have spent 8 hrs on phone trying to get bill gone.3) My bill for tv/internet showed in arrears-it is autopay. Somehow auto-pay got turned off. 4)I got notice thatI need to return my equipment. This would disconnect my uverse and DSL. Is that what they want? 5) my wireless bill shows they never received my iphone trade-in from last April. I handed it to phone clerk when he brought new one to car. Last April. It shows the phone center address on the phone. Why do I stay? I am commenting because I cared about this company. I stayed thru crashing stock prices and lower dividends. Let's bring back their glory days. Customer service has to be revived.