America's Tire - Service

May 10, 2022

Alexie Malig-of US

I had an appointment today 5/10/22 at America’s Tire, 5551 Lone Tree Way

Brentwood, CA, [protected] 4:30pm, arrived 4pm & was helped by an associate for what seems to be an easy 2 tires on an existing wheels being transferred to a Tesla Model Y became a 2 and a half hours ordeal. The job was estimated to be 45min to an hour, while talking to an associate there was another customer who had an appointment at 5pm, came 2 persons behind me so I figured mine will be done before hers. WRONG! An hr passed & I came back from my walk & noticed the woman behind me who had an appointment at 5pm was almost done so I figured mine was done too but though I didn’t get a notification that my care was done. Went to the counter and asked what the status & the car was still nowhere in the system, the associate forgot to log my car in for service. I asked what happened & they just said that my car was next but clearly they forgot about my car. Took them 3 hrs with No apologies from them and they didn’t seem concerned that they made a mistake. Truly bad service! Period. I have been taken my cars there for years & now they just lost business from me. Also the guys working on damag/ scratched my wheel cap for the 20” Induction Tesla wheel because he didn’t know how to take it off, I had to stop him and show him to take it off. The tire valves from my wheels are also missing. I won’t be coming back to this place. Waste of time.