Ampath Trust - Covid Test results

Jan 17, 2022

Sifiso Mahlangu-of US

Good day
I would like to lodge a complaint with your company as on the 10 January 2022 I went to do a covid travel test at your Middelburg Mpumalanga branch as I was advise to do it a day before my departure date I well did that, on the 11 on my departure day morning I received the results stating I was positive affected with covid 19. I had no signs nor symptoms so as I have already paid for my travelling expenses I started panicking. I then on the morning of the 11 January 2022 I went for another test that morning for a second opinion of which I received the results the same night as negative. I had already missed my flight for that day because I could not travel as your results that was sent to me said I'm positive so I had missed my flight for that day. As this was confusing I went again for a rapid test of which it came back negative (clearly this declared that I was not affected by the virus). I now had to rush to the airport the next day to see if I can catch my flights to my destination, when I got there I was advised that I had missed my flight which was yesterday I tried and explain the situation of which they said I can still get another flight at an extra costs, so your not accurate results costs me not only to pay extra money on my travel but also extra on the transfers of the country I was going to and my hotels expenses, I am so disappointed in the not so accurate results that your company has given me and I believe it's not fair and feel I deserve better than this because clearly something fishy is happening here. I have lost a lot of money due to these results that were wrong. I am very upset and I'm debts because of your incompetence and not accurate results.