Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas - Service through AVC's live chat.

Feb 27, 2022


Hi, I am a AVC member. I would like to launch a complaint on your AVC's staff Sirarat aka Nam for the service rendered through live chat. This is about the information I want to inquire and gather before I decide to book a hotel in Singapore. I am asking for a least stars and least points to be consumed and I was made to wait for over 20 minutes. There is no notifications to inform me that they are still gathering the information. I have to keep following up with him. Your AVC's staff doesn't seems to understand my questions I have asked. I am going back and forth a few rounds with him on this. This does not matter. The problem I am made to wait for a very long time. This is a complete and utterly service degradation. Your service is not like before Covid-19. I do not know I can trust your service as a AVC member. You can find all my conversations. I am sure you have made a record of it and calculate the amount of time I have to wait. If you do not have the record, then I do not know how you can improve your service.