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Apr 23, 2022

Lim JT-of US

I have engaged Ango Plumbing's service few days ago. I was introduced to them by my mum and i decided to go ahead with their service despite seeing the complaints here, which i am glad i did.

At 1am, i found that toilet pipe had burst. Panicking i called my mum was given Ango plumbing's contact number. He told me to close my water meter first and he arrived at my doorstep aft 30mins. He was very skillful with his job and he explained to me what he was doing as he was fixing the issue. He fixed the pipe burst at about 2-3am and his total charge was at 250sgd, which i think is reasonable (included the material fee + consultation fee + urgent case).

Since he was so friendly throughout the process I told him about the complaints i saw here and he told me that he was aware as some of his clients have highlighted it to him and he is not IT savvy so he can't do anything about it.

Before posting ur complaints publicly please communicate patiently with them and they will help. They are just a small local biz trying to earn a living so be kind and give them some time to help resolve your matter.