Antioch Toyota - Multi Point Inspection

Apr 06, 2022

Floranne Dunford-of US

I have been going to Antioch Toyota for service since I moved to the area in 2017. I relied on their information provided from the multi point inspection. I had even budgeted for the things that they told me would soon have to be replaced. I traveled very little in late 2019 and through all of 2021 due to the pandemic. As a result, I had not accumulated the miles needed to bring my vehicle in for repair or inspection. I came in on 4/4/2022 still under the 5k mile point. This time the report of the multi point inspection was totally different from what I had been told before. I was SHOCKED. Did this mean they had been lying to me all this time setting me up for unneeded repairs? I had been told in my prior visits that my rear brakes may soon need replacing, I was also told that my tire tread was getting low and may need new tires soon. I saved and budgeted for both these things. When I came in on 4/4/2022, I was told my front brakes were twice as bad as my rear brakes. They also said I had an oil leak. There has been no oil on the floor of my garage. The report on my rear brakes had not changed from my prior visit. (Of course, they did not know that.) In this visit they also told me I need my rotor replaced. That had never been told to me before. Now I was very suspicious, so I asked about my tires. I was told my tires were fine. So now I am fuming! Had I been lied to all this time? A sure way to recognize a lie is when the lie changes. I am very disappointed. Is there no one you can trust?