AnyVan - House move

Apr 25, 2022

Angela 333-of London, GB

Appalling service. This is not a company. They contract out to 2 men and a van sites and charge extra as you think you are using a professional company.

Their vans are not liveried and neither do the men wear anyvan uniforms as suggested in their marketing.

We made it clear to anyvan that it was impossible to recall all items put in storage 9 months ago. I did recall most of the large items but in any case I explained that we had 175 square feet of storage that needed to be moved.

It was quite clear to my husband that the van that turned up was inadequate for the task. He also found the 2 men extremely unhelpful and seemed more interested in taking photos than engaging in a solution and demanded an extra £400.00 to do this job.

Of the items listed, the ottoman, washing machine, 2 bar stools and dresser were left behind. The top of the dresser has disappeared along with a roll of copper cable and a treasured Print. In addition our £600.00 TV has a cracked screen. As we could not find a photo of the TV, they said their insurance would not pay. Who has a photo of their TV?

When what they had loaded was delivered to our new home, they simply drove off, told us they were going to get fuel and were going to contact the office and enquiries at your office informed us that they were not returning. This was around 2pm. We needed to clear storage by 4pm or incur costs. This cost was £74.00. My husband then had to take Monday off work as did I to hire a van and empty the storage unit. 2 days work lost and an extra £80.00 in hiring a van.

We did 4 runs in large cars to help clear storage but obviously could not get the ottoman, washing machine and dresser in cars.

We booked your service as my husband has a heart condition which does not suit heavy lifting. He then spent 2 days doing just that.

It was the worse move we have ever experienced. Charged around £1,000.00 and suffered losses that double that.