Aptive Environmental - Pest Control

May 01, 2022

info for all-of US

This is an unethical and fraudulent business.

here's what happened--was going to book a re-service for mosquitoes, their rep literally just told me on the phone, that they don't treat mosquitoes anymore because they found the mosquito product they have been using is actually ineffective against mosquitoes.


this must be a newer rep. she basically inadvertently let me know that for new customers they won't sell mosquito treatment in their package anymore. but for anyone who bought before this year, their mosquito package is "grandfathered in" (using their same ineffective product of course).

they never alerted older subscription customers like me and my neighbors, so we've been paying, a lot, $160/treatment for stuff they know doesn't work. and their intent was clearly to continue to do so as long as no one finds out. also, if you had this premium service package, you have to get a minimum of 6 services done per year. You can't back out or you have to pay a penalty of $200.

if this is not a scam/fraud, I don't know what is.