Arca Solutions - eDirectory website - non-functional website and poor customer service

Feb 28, 2022


Arca Solutions, Inc (dba as eDirectory) offers amazing packages and services that are nowhere near as functional as advertised if consumers need customizations/modifications (which they will absolutely need). They use predatory and dishonest business practices for exploiting small businesses in exchange for poor quality services and customer service. My website has never been fully optimized, which is why I spent $6,000+ on it to Arca Solutions to bring it up to date. I was told that I would have to pay $197 once or twice a year to update my version with software improvement, which I agreed to with my customizations. I was never told that I would have to pay the $197 plus an additional charge to include every single customization paid back on my website. When I inquired about an update to my website, I was quoted an additional $5,000 to maintain all of my customizations. I would be charged multiple times for the same modification – once to get it done and several times to maintain it with updates. These are far below industry standards and are predatory, as they NEVER discussed this prior to any modifications or platform selection. I have spent money on every single thing, such as changing the font of a color, changing the name of a widget, adding security on payment gateways and integrations (that were included on the website as fully integrate). There is no security on payment gateways. My newsletter widget has not worked since May 2021 and they have yet to fix or address it. I requested to export and back up my website for my own records and was told that I have to get a paid customization to back up my photos – they are a directory software and charge to back up photos for listings and to back up all of the content again not disclosed anywhere on their site. They refuse me full access to my information back up my content and source code.