Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZROC) - Work not completed as agreed too

Apr 09, 2022

Richard Short-of Glendale, US

I hired WOW Remodeling company from a friends recommendation, Carlos and his wife came and gave me a bid to install pavers in a 9x12 area. I already had the pavers so they just needed to be installed. His bid was really high, but he said he needed to pour mortar because he was afraid the pavers would sink in the mud. I agreed and he said they would do the work the next day. His workers showed up the next day and did the work, but they did not lay mortar down, just sand. I asked Carlos why he didn't lay mortar and he lied and said he did. That is when I told him I had his workers on video. He tried to lie and say we never agreed to having mortar layed down, but again I told him I have him and his wife saying mortar needed to be layed down because the pavers would sink in the mud. With all the information on video he finally admitted the work was not down right and he was going to return part of the money ($300). Since them he will not return my calls and I have not heard from him. Please beware of this contractor, he is a liar and a crook. I hope he loses his license.