Armstrong Steel - Their bait and switch tactics

Mar 04, 2022

Levon A-of US

Armstrong Steel is a terrible company. The first thing they did is the way they got me online. They did a Black Friday sale. So, it tells you you're almost gonna get $4,000 off. Based on that price, it comes out really cheaper than everybody else. When you do it, you don't really get the details of everything because they said, "Oh, project manager will give you the details of everything." When you sign up for it, on the bottom, it tells you, you have 30 days to figure out all the details to keep the Black Friday's pricing. So, I got that. Two weeks went by, there still was nothing. I did it on Black Friday, which was around Thanksgiving.

I've called a couple times and said, "Project manager hasn't called me. I already lost two weeks." They said, "No, no. He'll be there." I lost about two weeks out of the 30 days. Then once I started dealing with the project manager, I realized that an extra door was an added cost, the side door was an added cost, and everything was nickel-and-diming. It ended up being a lot more. I was still trying to find the details of everything, and within that four weeks, my project manager was gone one weekend because her grandkid was born. Then another time, she had a stroke. Within those 30 days, I was asking questions. Right after they sent me something, I lost a day because they had to come back the next day.

The last of my final 30-day deadline was on a Sunday. I had the email saying on Friday, "Hey, make sure that you get the correct detail. The space between the doors must be five feet. So, please have that on the final paperwork so I could sign off on it." It says if you sign off and you don't have the correct details of it, you're stuck with that. So, that was me on a Friday. Magically, Sunday came and went, and on Monday morning I went, "Oh, okay, I'll do it." They sent it to me on Tuesday. A month and a half later was when I found out, "Oh no, no. You passed your 30 days. So, this is the normal price." So, I got stiffed for another four grand there.

COVID came into play, but we passed the deadline by another five weeks. When the parts got delivered, they give you five days to tell them if there's anything missing. The way they pack this stuff is so tight. You have to take everything because everything's sandwiched on top of each other. And if you take it out, you expose everything to the elements if there's been a break. Come to find out when I finally finished everything up, four pieces are missing. I called them up and they said, "Oh, well, you pass the five days. So, now we gotta charge you." So, for four pieces of metal that are probably a double size of a toaster oven, they charged me $75 shipping from Colorado to Arizona because I didn't let them know five days when I originally got the piece.

I was pissed off. I went on Reddit, and everybody has the same thing. They give you five days, and then they charge you outright. So, everything that happened to me was exactly everything was for everybody based on the reviews. I've talked to their manager, Cade. The guy is worthless. I got screwed out of $200 for shipping that I had to pay in parts that they didn't put in there. I got screwed $4,000 because their project manager sat on it for a few weeks, and then she couldn't get me the information early enough, and the whole thing, going back and forth with her about pricing.

I had to order a lot of parts outside the company because their pricing was outrageous. The problem with the company is on that initial, their salesperson said, "Oh, yeah. You're gonna get 40x60 building. Yeah, this is it, $22,000." I asked, "Well what about the door?" "No, no. You'll talk about that with the project manager." There was no mention that those things are gonna cost extra. They make it sound like, "This is the price. You just gotta tell the project manager where the door is gonna be."

Too bad they don’t respond to this review.