Art Karat International Ltd. Inc. - Art Karat Jewelery

Apr 29, 2022

Deeksha Jain-of Indianapolis, US

I liked a pair of earrings in their exhibition in November 2021, they placed an order for it and told me I would receive it by December end. I did not get it until January 2022 and it had a lot of diamonds missing. After a lot of messages from me, they said they would send me a replacement immediately. After a lot of follow ups, dealing with a ton of lies, false promises and very poor customer services, I received the earrings in April 2022. They still did not get it right and this time they are much bigger than the original one I chose. The diamonds and other stones are much bigger and hence they look really fake. I did not bother to complain this time around because I am tired of dealing with them and have learnt a very expensive lesson here. Stay away from them and save your money and the mental harassment that you will have to go through if you place an order with them.