- Email Account

Feb 13, 2022

Fred Muller-of Azle, US

On Tuesday February 8, 2022, I received over 900 spam emails from the same sender in about 2 hours. The next day, the 9th, my email account was frozen by Arvixe and I have not received any email since. In the past when I tried contacting Arvixe through the client portal I have been told that my email address or password was incorrect, and that usually required resetting the password. This time I can't reset the password because my email system is not functioning. There is no phone number to call, and I can't send an email message. I tried using their chat room but the customer service people were not able to resolve the issue, in fact they couldn't verify my as the account holder even though I sent them my drivers license at there request. I am at a standstill and very frustrated.

Fred Muller